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About Us

Sunway Holdings is the provider of imported medical equipment, Surgical items and orthopedic products with the incorporation of Fern Enterprises (Pte) Ltd to the main company Union Chemists (Pvt) Ltd. We are a foremost supplier of all the essential medical equipment and pharmaceuticals that help our nation to heal and be healthy. Our primary company is Union Chemists which was established in 1961 and today it is the largest and the most distinguished retail pharmacy in Sri Lanka.

What is more, Sunway Holdings (Pte) Ltd is an approved supplier to the Sri Lankan army, navy, and air force, all the major governmental and private hospitals, educational institutes, laboratories and NGOs. The eminence of our products is that they are either registered with the Cosmetics, Devices& Drugs Authority of Sri Lanka (Ministry of Health – CDDA) or have all the necessary authentications like CE, ISO, FDA approvals & certifications.


Our vision is to ensure the health condition of the nation by importing the required pharmaceuticals and medical equipment. 


Our mission is to import the necessary pharmaceuticals and medical equipment with high standards and quality to ensure the well being of the citizens of the coun


We started Sunway Holdings (Pte) Ltd with the intention of filling the gaps in the local pharmaceutical industry. We delved into the emerging needs in the industry and catered them to provide the island with necessary products. Our main intention is to augment the health condition of Sri Lankans by providing them with quality products that help them to be healthy and relieved. As a pharmaceutical importing company, we are registered abiding to the rules and regulations of the Sri Lankan government and have the necessary certification and qualifications to engage in the industry.
I must declare here that the driving force of our company which navigates us towards the success and a customer satisfying quality service is our staff. We have a work force that is passionate about their profession and work hard to deliver the best to the company and the country. Our strength is the hard work through which we are ready to achieve our vision.
I invite you to go through our website to get information about all the products we import to bring our customers a healthy lifestyle.