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Medical supports

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  • The Accu-Chek Active blood glucose meter packs many powerful features into a smaller size than the previous version. See test result averages up to 90 days, get alerts if your test strips are expired or if you’ve under-dosed, re-dose within 10 seconds, set pre-and post-meal reminders to test, and more.

    10 Test Strips for FREE.

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  • MS 01

    This scale is a true classic and is the perfect addition to any bathroom. The device features an easy-to-read, analogue weight display and non-slip surface.

    Basic model for any bathroom
    Easy-to-read weight display
    Analogue weight display
    Non-slip surface
    Digit size: 5 mm

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  • FS 50

    The personal bathroom scale is a real eye-catcher with its elegant glass insert. The large LCD display makes weighing exceptionally easy.

    • – XXL display
    • – Particularly large LCD display
    • – Standing surface made of comfortable plastic
    • – Decorative element: glass insert
    • – Switch-on technology: Quick Start
    • – Automatic switch-off, overload indicator
    • – Weight capacity: 180 kg
    • – Digit size: 47 mm
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  • FS 50

    Facial sauna for a healthy glow – the facial sauna is ideal both for cosmetic facial care and for inhalation with the appropriate steam attachment for mouth and nose inhalation.

    – For intensive skin care and inhalation
    – Facial sauna attachment for cosmetic facial care-
    – Opens pores for more effective cleansing
    – Moisturises skin
    – Steam attachment for mouth and nose inhalation
    – Scent container for aroma application
    – Continuously adjustable steam output
    – High-quality aluminium evaporation pan
    – 2 output levels
    – Mains operation

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  • IL 21

    Colds and muscle tension can be relieved by using the infrared lamp.

    Soothing heat
    For colds and muscle tension
    5 angle settings
    Pressed glass bulb
    Medical device

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  • IL 50

    The infrared heat lamp is ideal for colds and muscle tension. It has a continuously adjustable shade, a timer with automatic switch-off and individually adjustable treatment time.

    -Soothing heat
    -For colds and muscle tension
    -Continuously adjustable shade from 0 to 50 degrees
    -Ceramic glass plate
    -100% UV blocker
    -Individually adjustable treatment time with display
    -Timer with automatic switch-off after set time expires
    -Active ventilation
    -Overheating protection
    -Cord winder
    -Medical device

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  • otoscope-/ophthalmoscope set 2,5 V – 2 heads,  5 apertures, 1 handle   2,5 V – 1 otoscope head: KaWe COMBILIGHT® C10 vacuum bulb REF 12.75111.013 with 3X-magnification 2,5 V – 1 ophthalmoscope head: KaWe EUROLIGHT® E15 vacuum bulb REF 12.75113.003 5 apertures with lens correction dial incremental steps from +20 to –20 dioptres aspherical precision …

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  • Description 2.5 V fastening screw connection vacuum bulb (REF 12.75111.013) metal battery-/charging handle C dimmable rheostat 3 reusable ear funnels Ø 2,5 / 3,5 / 4,5 mm in bag with zipper batteries: 2x Baby C (batteries not included in the scope of supply)

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  • Description click-on connection 2.5 V xenon/halogen bulb metal battery-/charging handle C dimmable rheostat with lens correction dial incremental steps from +/- 20 dioptres in bag with zipper batteries: 2 C batteries, 1.5 V (batteries not included in the scope of supply) 6 apertures (EU – green filter) good and uniform illumination very large examination field …

    KaWe EUROLIGHT® E36 / EU ophthalmoscope 01.21355.002Read More

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  • SB 100

    – %Spo2 & Pulse Rate – Big LED screen display for easy reading
    – Shielded Design blocks Ambient Light
    – Biocompatibility & Anti-Allergic Design
    – One-touch ON/OFF key
    – Pulse Strength Indicator
    – Cord-attached – Economical & portable health management tool

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  • SA210

    – %Spo2 & Pulse Rate – Backlight LCD display for easy reading %Spo2 & Pulse Rate
    – Personal SpO2, Pulse Rate, Memory Interval thresholds setting
    – Shielded Design blocks Ambient Light
    – Biocompatibility & Anti-Allergic Design
    – Alarm Function – Device delivers audible warning when measurement result exceeds the SpO2/Pulse rate thresholds previously set.
    – Silent mode – Disables the beep sound during the measurement by pressing the “Sound” button.
    – Up to 288 Memories – Could be programmed with 5 intervals: 0/5/10/30/60-minutes (“0” means no memory setup)
    – Pulse Strength Indicator
    – Ideal for oxygen therapy assessment
    – Ideal for sleep apnea screening
    – Ideal for health management
    – Ideal for spot-check & continuous monitoring

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  • PAS 20

    3-Axis Technology detect movement in 3 directions (X, Y, Z plane detection) with high accuracy.

    The 3-Axis sensor allows the user to place the activity monitor in either pocket or bag rather than clipping it onto a belt. This 3-Axis Technology makes walking, fitting and jogging motion monitoring easily.

    3-Axis Technology
    Steps count
    Distance travelled
    Calories burned

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  • A 4.65 cm Diameter chrome plated head with rubber ring and 30.5 cm
    long flexible handle with pointed tip.

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  • CK E301

    – The novel design which is the same concept as mercurial
    sphygmomanometer to support global environmental pollution and saving source causes
    – The precise results will show both on LCD panel and digital monitor
    – Inflation and Air release by manual
    – Must use with a stethoscope
    * Backlight LCD is optional

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  • CK – 601CPF

    Identical features as CK-601P/PF but with solid black finish.

    Standard Color of PVC Y-Tubings

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